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Now you can revel in the Mod as Hell shindig. The grooviest hullabaloo this side of the Thames, well, Hudson River!  Let our "Party before the party" kick off your next meeting or event. Each band member is groovily decked out in 60ís Mod costumes!


Jangly Guitar, foot stomping Drums and thumping Bass accompany a trio of lovely and talented Mod gals, singing the immortal hit girl songs of British/American 1960's radio! These singing birds will send a quiver through your knickers as you soar with them to the top of the pops!


In another part of the show, hear the trio of Mod Surf Musicians reawaken archetypal 60ís guitar instrumentals! The Surf music of virtuosos like The Shadows, Dick Dale, The Ventures and Link Wray come alive to catch a wave once again.


Can it get any better?  Blimey, it does get better!


Have a gas as the live-on-stage DVD projection of cheeky 60ís film clips bring you back! Trip with the psychedelic light show!  Crikey, itís a Mod happening and it freaks us out!!


Our stuffy and not so stuffy bookings have taken us everywhere from corporate party's to film festivals to street fairs to revival tours and back.  Bloody hell, we also provide segue music for awards shows and your guest speakers.


So walk about our website. Listen to our re-imagined tunes, trip to our Mod instrumental video again and again! A splendid time is guaranteed for all.


Donít be shy, give us a try! Now prepare for a blast and book us!


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Sue Nock


Mod Women

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